The Beginning

We’re up and running.

Welcome to Productively Healthy!

What is this blog about?

Well… health!

But health from a standpoint that looks at the optimal ways of living a healthy lifestyle.

What tweaks can we make to our daily lives to maintain health?

What are the optimal times to exercise for fat loss?

How can I get away with twenty minutes of training a day and still improve my VO2 max?

The ‘productive’ part comes into play because we will be aiming for the biggest results with a minimalistic approach- don’t get me wrong… I think our health should be at the core of our focus.

But this blog will focus on the small changes, the meticulous adjustments and the ways we can hack our body and mind so that whatever our lifestyle – busy, travelling, healthy or unhealthy – we can move towards a place of even more vitality, happiness and goodness.

I hope you want to come along for the journey this blog will take us on – both you and I – where we can improve our lifestyle and have fun along the way.

Thanks guys.




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